-12- Final Website Reflection

The experience of building up my own website has been challenging and exciting. As someone who knows nothing about programming and computer science, I really appreciate how technology has become more and more accessible and exercisable to the unprofessional. Although making a website is easier than I expected, there are still other difficulties and struggles … Continue reading -12- Final Website Reflection


-11-Extra Credit #2

The event I attended titled “La Camera Voyageuse: For a Theory of Cinema of Exploration” introduces the advent of exploration cinema. Specifically, the lecturer analyzes the 1965 French film “Le Monde du Silence ( the Silent World)” from the cinematographic perspectives. To be honest, the concept of “cinema of exploration” was fairly new to me. … Continue reading -11-Extra Credit #2

-10-News Response #5

http://time.com/5564851/australia-social-media-law-violence/ The piece of news titled "Australia Has Passed a Sweeping Law to Punish Social Media Companies for Not Policing Violent Content" was published on April 5th. In short, it is said that lawmakers in Australia passed a series of new legislations targeting on social media companies which are responsible for the spread of violent … Continue reading -10-News Response #5

-8- News Response#4

http://business.time.com/2012/11/14/let-the-gamification-begin/ The article titled "Let the Gamification Begin" introduces the trend on gamification used in business world. Although the article was published in 2012, it did shed light on important aspects of gamification systems among various corporations. “Games have been around as long as human civilization has been around. They tap into some very deep … Continue reading -8- News Response#4

Annotated Bibliography

Perloff, Richard. “Social Media Effects on Young Women’s Body Image Concerns: Theoretical Perspectives and an Agenda for Research”. Sex Roles, Vol.71(11), 2014, pp.363-377. Robert W. Woodruff Library DiscoverE, doi:10.1007/s11199-014-0384-6.  The theoretically-driven research article offers a number of ideas and models of social media influences on body image. Social media, as the main form of mass … Continue reading Annotated Bibliography